In central Europe, Hungary is a landlocked country called Magyarország. Hungary’s capital is Budapest. It is a nation with a national economy that is thriving and rapidly growing. With the first university in Hungary being founded over 600 years ago, Hungarian higher education also has a considerable history. In Hungary, there is also a major shift in the higher education sector. There are now several internationally renowned universities in Hungary that offer a wide range of English programs, such as medicine, dentistry, engineering, computing, business, art and design, and others. These universities, combined with fair living expenses in Hungary, have considerably lower tuition fees compared to other European Union.

Why study in Hungary

Supportive university environments

While Hungarian universities are known for their variety of degree offerings, many of which are in English, making it easier for non-Hungarian speakers to study locally. With affordable tuition costs and plenty of initiatives to encourage integration within student communities, they provide an extremely welcoming, supportive and affordable environment for international students.

Quality education

International students from all over the world can obtain high-quality education in Hungary. Several prestigious ranking lists have included Hungary, while universities offer talent management and research opportunities.

Affordable education and living cost

The tuition fee in Hungary are relatively affordable. Also, living costs are relatively low compared to the rest of Europe. Courses are taken 100% in English medium but students will still have to learn the Hungarian Language for easy communication within the country.