In South-East Asia, Malaysia is a great destination for foreign students and visitors alike. Higher education has been heavily invested in by the Malaysian government in recent years. It aims to become a leading hub for education in Southeast Asia and throughout the world. Malaysia is making the transition from a developing country to a developed one due to rapid progress in the production of high technology. There is a significant enticing factor for foreign students in education costs, as they are extremely cost-effective. Numerous international universities have branch campuses, including the University of Nottingham, Southampton University, Monash University, and Newcastle University.

Despite the Malaysian Constitution guaranteeing freedom of worship and speech, Islam is the nation’s official religion, and so is the majority of its population. The national language is Bahasa Malay, but English, Mandarin and Tamil are commonly spoken as well. Compared to other major countries, it has lower living costs while maintaining high standards, which attracts large numbers of foreign students. Having a large variety of food, visiting great places and much more makes Malaysia a great country.

Why study in Malaysia

Perfect all-year-round weather

The warm, sunny weather in Malaysia will appeal to those who do not prefer cold and rainy weather.

A rich and diverse culture

People, food, architecture, religions, festivals, and languages reflect Malaysia’s diverse cultural heritage. There is no better place to study Malaysian culture than here, where students will find themselves immersed in every aspect of it.

Peaceful and safe

The crime rate in Malaysia is relatively low and the political situation is relatively stable. Furthermore, Malaysia’s geography makes it free from most natural disasters, which makes it a very peaceful place to live.